You want to share your expertise with as many people as possible and have a bigger impact nationally, or even globally.

- Are you having trouble attracting clients using outdated techniques and never seeing results?

- Do you like what you do, but marketing and sales are not your friends, and it stresses you out?

- Do you feel blocked because, as a committed and motivated entrepreneur, your turnover is not up to your efforts and your needs?

- Are you looking for a coach to be by your side, ready to assist you step by step, to attract all the clients you need, without ever going hunting for clients again.

If you answer yes to these questions, you are not alone and you have come to the right place.

I am Biba Pédron, Business & Mindset Coach and I am dedicated to helping you grow your business, through marketing, personal branding, mindset, and simple and effective online and offline strategies to attract more clients, make more money, and finally have the business you dream of.

Imagine getting the steps, systems, guidance, and encouragement you need to take advantage of more opportunities, more clients, and more fun in your business. Imagine being seen as the expert, the leader in your field or niche with new clients ready to follow you around constantly and pay for your products or services. It is not a dream. It can be your reality tomorrow.

My mission is to help you harness the power of marketing to take your business to the next level. For that, I offer you various options of coaching adapted according to your level and your needs.

Coaching Sessions include Strategies: Marketing, Branding, Mindser, and more...

Private Marketing & Business Coaching Individual - 3 and 6 months *

Do you want to start your business but don't know where to start?
Have you already started your business, but are not getting the results you want, or are they not worth your efforts?

In both cases, you are motivated to do everything in your power to succeed, gain your financial independence if this is not yet the case or double or even triple your turnover and become an expert in your field whether it is on the internet or not.

Do you dream of 5 or 6 figure monthly sales? You see other entrepreneurs around you achieving these goals, you also feel empowered to achieve them, you just lack the right strategies.

What if these strategies were within reach to determine your target, attract your ideal clients, define your services or create various sources of income while working less, having better results, and more time to devote to your family or your friends. Hobbies.

Would you be ready to learn about these strategies?

This is what I offer to my clients by sharing all the strategies that I have been practicing in my business for years, as well as all that I myself learn with my coaches and mentors.

I have invested more than $ 180,000 over the last 5 years, to always continue to learn and develop my business, to discover the strategies that allow me to have an annual income in constant growth, to get always more clients while working less.

Work Smarter, not Harder”. My mission is to help you do the same by implementing the same strategies in your business while investing a fraction of what I personally invest.

This program is for you if:

-You are motivated by your business and want to make a full time living from it.
-You tire yourself out finding clients who can never afford to pay for your products or services.
-You already have a business, but have no idea about ​​marketing and therefore not finding enough clients and you know that is what you are missing.
-You want to give up because you feel alone and do not know what to do to resolve the situation.
-You work 12h to 14h a day without getting the results you want and above all which do not allow you to pay the bills at the end of the month.
-You are frustrated by the situation and just need the right support to succeed.
-You are ready to stop it all, although you know there is a solution to your situation.

You finally want to put an end to this negativity and take full advantage of your business and become a successful entrepreneur.

My mantra is to do what I want, when I want, where I want, with whom I want. Having the luxury of working or not, to select my clients, to work from anywhere, (personally I live between Miami - Normandy in France, and the French Caribbean) to take vacations when I want to, to create my own economy by having part of my business automated, so no matter the situation (Covid, confinement or others), nothing will impact my business. And it is all this that I want to help you implement also in YOUR business.

For this I offer you various coaching formulas in order to work together

to personalize these strategies to your business.

Originally from France, when I started out in the US, I could barely speak English, didn’t know anything about networking, and had no connections; but within 2 years, I was known as “The Connection Queen”.

Since then I have grown 2 international businesses specializing in helping people like you develop their business with effective networking, social media, and marketing strategies. I have shared my strategies with hundreds of people and guided them to tweaking those strategies to their own businesses. When you discover my systems, you will be excited and amazed at how easily you connect with your target market, expand your business, and double your revenue.

My goal is to help and advise you on all aspects of your own business to show you the strategies that I use over and over again for myself in my successful international businesses and that I teach to my clients. This is your chance to learn how to boost your income, attract more clients, and get your brand known.

Need Help to Grow Your Visibility and Business, Let’s Talk!

The 60 Minute Business Booster
Get Your One-On-One Laser Coaching Booster Session With A Custom Marketing Strategy in just 90 Minutes…Guaranteed – Imagine knowing exactly how to market your own business. Imagine knowing which strategies work to increase your client conversion rate and which ones will bog you down with extra paperwork and no results. Be prepared to be amazed as I take away all of the guesswork and show you how to get the same results I do in your very own business.
Learn More About The 60 Minute Booster HERE >>>

The 90 Day Business Booster
Give me only 90 days and I'll give you my entire marketing system & coach you through the step by step process of customizing your own business while having time to relax, ponder YOUR goals, double YOUR success and your revenue, just like I do...
My goal is to save you years of treading water and teach you the steps to increase your income quickly and efficiently.
Learn More About The 90 Day Business Booster HERE >>>

The VIP Strategy Day
If you are really serious about developing your business faster, we meet, visio or face-to-face, for a whole day to assist you in the development of your business and share with you all the secrets and marketing strategies and mindsets to double or triple your turnover in 90 days.
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2-Day Bootcamp "My Book in Just 48 Hours"
From Dream to Reality: How to Become an Author and Impact the Masses

Learn to separate your expertise from the crowd, to develop your personal branding and impact by writing your book
Discover The 2-Day Bootcamp HERE >>>

Need Help to Determine Which Formula Best Suited Your Needs?

Free 30-minute IMPACT Strategy Session

Yes your business is different, yes you have a unique message, and you have your own uniqueness and your own story.

So all the systems and strategies that you find in online training will give you the basics, but there will be no one there to assist you to live or take the time to understand you or your business.

Take advantage of the Free Strategy Session to stop being frustrated at not finding clients, take stock of your current situation, determine solutions to achieve your goals, and select the coaching formula most suited to YOUR NEEDS AND GOALS.

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My Approche - Vision + Creativity + Expertise

Business Booster

Biba Pédron aims to provide remarkable solutions to entrepreneurs, and small business owners, designed to create a rapid and long-term impact on their lives, develop their success, and change the world. The intention goes beyond success and creating profitable income streams, but additionally provides coaching programs in order to then help others achieve similar success and give back to society.

She is not only here to help you realize your dreams and achieve your goals but to innovate, educate, and inspire higher expectations of yourself and the world through her coaching. She understands your past problems and discovers ingenious possibilities for success in your business. Your life or business should be exactly as you imagined it, and she's here to bring it to life.

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