Biba Speaker

International Speaker, Bbiba specialized in mindset, marketing, and personal branding, she is aimed primarily at women, but also at friendly and cool men.

Accomplished entrepreneur, business & mindset expert, called “THE Expert of Great Attitude”, Biba shares all her expertise and Franco-American experience during her conferences, which have already impacted thousands of people in the French and English-speaking world.

Topics (in French & English)

Your Confidence Determine Your Revenue

The M.D.R Formula For a Successful Life

The 3 C to convert more clients without selling

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Conferences - See Events Here

-Global Woman Club - New York - 2023

- Women Thrive Summit - 2023

- Sommet Entreprendre au Féminin - 2023

-Global Woman Club - Paris - 2022

- The Abundance Retreat in Dubai - 2022

- Business Afterwork in Dubai -2022

- Sommet des Femmes Entrepreneuses - 2022


- Le Sommet des Professionn'Elles - 2022

- Financially Free Women Summit - 2021

- The Transformation Talk Radio - 2021

- Summit Unstoppable Speakers Success - 2021
- Making Money Online Can Be Easy Summit - 2021
- Women Emporewing Women Talk - 2021

- Le Sommet Succès de Femmes - 2021

- Sommet du réseautage et de la visibilité - 2021

- Startup Branding& Networking -2021

- Rendez-vous des 60 printemps - 2021 - PurposeFULL Women Retreat - 2021

- Sommet Equilibre au Féminin - 2020

- Branding Day - 2020

- Sommet M.D.R - 2020

- Wow Women Forum - Paris - 2020

- Mega Afterwork Meeting Network - Paris - 2020

- Leader Conférences - Rennes - 2020

- Divorcer de Soi - Toulouse - 2020

- Succès de Femmes - Pointe à Pitre / Gosier - 2019

- Salon Madame - Pointe à Pitre - 2019

- TedX - Pointe à Pitre - 2018

- Mega Success - Los Angeles - 2017

- Web Entrepreneur Day - Paris -2017

- Sief - Sommet Internation de l'Entrepreneriat au Féminin - Bruxels - 2017

- Salon des Indépendants du Net - Montpellier

- 2016 - Journée de l'Audace - Toulouse - 2016

- The Unstopable Women - New Orléans - 2015

- The SpeedBiz Expo - Miami - 2014

“Biba doesn't just have the professional experience to share. Her career, the difficulties she bravely faced, her daring, her perseverance are simply invitations to surpass herself and above all to understand ... that "it is possible"!

With great modesty and wealth, Biba generously shares her tools and advice with a rare passion. After listening to her, there is no more excuse for not carrying out your plans!

Bravo Biba and thank you for your generosity on stage! "

Michel Poulaert - International Speaker - CSP

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Business & Mindset Expert - Biba Pedron served women entrepreneurs to grow their business, giving them her step-by-step Formula: Strategy – Visibility - Impact to double or triple their revenues in 90 days.

She authored multiple bestsellers and was featured in Forbes Magazine France as a ‘Women of Influence.

Working with thousands of women entrepreneurs, she realized that people needed to connect the dots of marketing, social media, branding, and mindset to grow their business much faster, so she started helping them with effective marketing strategies, to get to the next level.

In a nutshell, Biba Pedron Delivers!

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"I had the chance to receive Biba at the" Audace de Toulouse Day", she literally inspired and impacted the public. Inspired because she has a story where she starts from a very great shyness, almost sickly, to an outstanding networker and an incredible businesswoman. And for the audience that listens to her, through her experience and her past, people develop a little flame inside them and have a click that makes them say that “yes, for me too, it is possible.” Beyond this inspirational aspect that Biba brings out during his lectures, what also touched me a lot is its authenticity, and its ability to convey the way to get there is real and concrete Through the tools it shares and its pedagogy, people are not only inspired but leave with a real user guide to achieve their goal."
Yannick Alain - Speaker - Co-Founder of TheNeuro Business School

Featured in the Press…

Forbes France - FromDream to Reality

It all started with two childhood dreams: becoming a police officer and living in the United States. Unfortunately, from dream to reality, there are sometimes several obstacles and Biba having seen her first dream slip away, had to cherish the second and fight to make it come true in 2003 by moving to New York.

If we had to summarize in one word, the story of the one who has today to her credit several business coaching services, conferences, and training, it would be: freedom.

Driven by the desire to take her freedom, to set up an activity that she can manage from anywhere, thanks to a computer a phone and an internet connection, Biba Pédron left her job on a Friday evening in April 1998 to start, on Monday her own company in Paris and the second one in New York in 2003.

Forbes - Edition "Femmes d'Influence" Juin 2019