Testimonials of my US clients

**You will be happy to know, I recently landed a lucrative technology consulting assignment with Moet-Hennesy in Paris, France. Your advice helped me fine-tune my networking skills. Using your networking strategies, my technology consulting company, NetTECH Systems, was awarded a 12-15 week consulting contract which will generate $50,000-$60,000 in profit. Thank you so much for caring and sharing, Biba.
Carl Reid, Founder of Savvy Intrapreneur -

Biba goes out of her way not just to educate people about networking, marketing, and growing their businesses through word-of-mouth marketing and referrals, but she takes the extra step of directly connecting you with the other key players in her contact sphere, and follows up to ensure that the connection is made. She really is a networking expert! »
Yvahn Martin, Business Development Manager, Rappos, NY

**I’m listening for the final remarks of today’s Tuesday webinar series about Networking. I found it really useful and wrote down some great ideas about networking. Biba (our speaker) is a brilliant teacher. Being a teacher myself, I love the way she structured the information and explained everything. And I like the idea of having « virtual coffe » with people before meeting them in person 🙂 That means interacting in social media, chatting over Skype etc. I love social media so it’s the most natural thing for me to do :))

Olga Arakelyan – Your professional translator, Russia

**Biba is a phenomenal networker. She has created a unique networking experience that allows people to connect with everyone who attends, and provides a strategy to maximize the potential of doing business. I look forward to being a part of their future events. »

Sonny Azam, Palm Beach – www.barterr.com

**Super thank you to Biba Pedron who without ever having met me personally she was always there to help connect me to the right people and she is the one who introduced me to my hero a markerter/promoter and stress remover. The man that kept saying don’t worry I will take care of it so I could concentrate on other tasks! Thank you my Angel Biba!

Hayley B.Colina – Lawyer – www.ColinaLaw.com – www.EQWomenSucceed.com

**I have listened many teleclasses regarding marketing. I found Biba’s class Top 7 MUST HAVES to Double Your Business by the End of the Year to be precise, professional and to the point, yet with plenty of “necessary’ information.
The call is very relevant to the new business owner as well as anyone who has been in business for a while. Well done!

Deborah Angiolina, www.merkabahcoaching.com, Miami

**Thank you for taking the time (and extra time) to talk with me about promoting my business. You gave me some very valuable tools and tips, some which I have already implemented. For example, the black background of my website made the words too difficult to read. so even though I love that look, I switched to a template with a white background so my audience can see what I am saying.

I also love what you said about not trying to sell my services with networking opportunities. I am developing this business because I have become disenchanted with an industry that pushes people to “sell, sell, sell” and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t want to sell things to people, I want my expertise and skills to serve their needs.
What you said about making connections with people and finding things that are of interest and important to them, as mode of operating, fits my personal and professional style. It makes it easy for me to think about networking with others.
Andrea Howard – www.socialmediamaxima.com

SPEEDBIZ EXPO June 22nd 2012

**This was my first speed networking experience and it definitely won’t be my last. It was very different and new to me. I think it’s a great idea. My favorite part about the speed networking is that it allows just enough time to explain your business and what you do while also avoiding the issues of encountering someone who would take up 15 minutes to explain what they do and not allowing you your turn. I met a lot of people that day, some who gave me great connections for future expos, some who want to host a party and others who purchased some of the items I had for sale that day. As a vendor, I thought you guys choose the right venue. It was very organized and spacious as well.

Nicole Nieveswww.blissful.scentsy.us

**Hi Biba , It was a professional pleasure working with you at your recent Speed Biz Expo last week . High quality event with sponsors , exhibitors and the interesting & nice consumers (guests) which are the heart-blood of our events . Nice variety of exhibitors and a good balance of them , not competitive to one another . I liked the comfortable Hotel (Quality Inn) and very good central location in South Florida , Plantation/Sunrise areas . Your progressive and innovative Speed Networking concept really is re-freshing at a time when business is really building back-up in the So-Flo. Economy and greater Florida as a whole , short , to the point and sweet to meet other like-minded professionals , I’m getting alot of good pre-qualified leads already . Very nice mix of people participating with Women’s Prosperity Network , Nancy , Trish and there Lovely Team always with a good word of Wisdom , Marketing and Prosperity for the Marketplace . It was a privelege for myself , Michael Poggi and the Poggi Wealth Institute to be involved exhibiting and as one of your guest speakers on Tax -Free and Turn Key Out of the Box Investment’s . We sincerly Thank-You and look forward to the next event we will participate in hopefully sooner then later. Thank-You .

Anthony Caprio – Marketing Director 0f Poggi Wealth Institute – www.MichaelPoggi.com

**It was my 1st speed networking and I like it, I think it’s cool! It cuts out a lot of extra talking that goes on at networking events, and you can quickly connect with someone that may need your services and vice/versa. I made very interesting new contacts and as a sponsor and vendor I made a sale on the spot, and a couple of sales afterwards.
This has been one of the most well thought out, effective expos I’ve participated in (and I’ve have participated in quite a few). I have paid waaay more for a vendor table, and not received as much value as I got from the SpeedBiz Expo. Everything from the presentations, to the swag bags, to the videos, and features on your website and social media was planned to every detail- and that means a lot. Furthermore, I really enjoyed THE PEOPLE who attended the expo. Everyone was so friendly and nice- and that’s the type of people I want to do business with. I will DEFINITELY participate in the next networking event, and expo that you guys have. GREAT JOB! »
Karisa Cloutier, Gift Consultant Premier Gift Solutions – www.premiergiftsolutions.com

**The SpeedBiz Expo was a Blast, I am new here from Atlanta ,and I am used to Networking events, but this one took the cake. I made so many great contacts for future business. I have followed up to date with all 57 contacts I made, and most of them have followed up also for our mutual benefit. I look forward to following your lead in future events. If I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to call on me, I felt a great welcome to South Florida, it feels like family. Once again a Great Big Thank You. »

Martin Spencer, Global Auto Consultants, www.global-auto-consultants.biz

**Thank you, Friday’s Speedbiz expo was great! This was my first Speedbiz networking event. It was fun and fast pace! I loved the concept of SpeedBiz, because in a short time it allowed me to meet and make more contacts than in other business network events. I met a few interesting contacts and ,also got a couple of leads to which I have followed up. I would not change a thing! I look forward to being a part many future events. »

Elena Martinez, Concierges Services, As Good As Done LLC – www.asgoodasdone.net

**Thank you for putting on such a great event. This was my first Speed Networking event and I walk away with a new outlook on networking. I attend many networking events and most of them are hit or miss, but this was a guarantee HIT! The idea of speed networking allows everyone to have a chance to meeting and exchange their business information in 2 minutes. This allow me to focus on individuals who can benefit from my services at the breakout sessions. I must say that I connect with everyone in the room and from those connections I made 4 appointments and 1 new client. I highly recommend Speed Networking! »

Alex – www.highfivewebsolutions.com

**It was a pleasure to participate to SpeedBiz Expo, as I had the opportunity to meet with other entrepreneurs who are interested in connecting with their specific community. The speed networking gave me a chance to get a snapshot of the « why » people are in business « who » are their ideal connection and « how » I can assist them in making those connections. The speakers provided valuable information that I took away to integrate into my current practices. Thank you for bringing us together. »

Pamela Bryant, www.MassageHealsYou.com

**« The combination of Speed Networking, speakers, and Expo allow to improve my skills and connect with lots of people having meaningful conversations at the same time.
I made very interesting contacts and it was a great opportunity to reconnect with people I met before, and learn about lots of new businesses to build strategic alliances. On Monday morning I already got a new client from the Speed Networking. Now I’m following up with great enthusiasm from people with whom I connected really well. »

**The SpeedBiz Expo was excellent and informative. I learned a lot from the workshops and I met a lot of people. I have spoken to several people and the response was good and I have many more people to contact. I really liked the concept of the expo, the workshops, and especially the tips from Vince Gelormine and speed networking session I will use and implement in daily life. Thank you. »
Janice A Waite, Mental Health Center

**I wanted to thank you for having me at your Speed Biz Expo. This was my very first Speed Biz Expo and I was not sure exactly what to expect BUT truthfully, I had the most fabulous time… From the concecpt to the amazing people and everything in between… You just have to love the « Entrepreneurial Vibe ».

**This was my first speed networking experience. I liked the concept of talking to everyone in the room, but there was a communication problem about which side presented first and when to switch. I did make good contacts and reached prospective clients. Thank you,

Robert Livingstone, Chief Executive Officer, www.royaltext.com

**This was my first introduction to speed networking and enjoyed the opportunity to hear what people did for a living and exchange business cards! From the event because I have a fat burning, diabetic friendly, science-based coffee/tea which people consume @ record levels. I picked up several contacts that can either be consumers or business builders.
George A. Kasprzyk, Boresha International

What People Are Saying About SpeedBiz Connection:

**Thank you Biba for a great networking reception. I attend a lot of networking events and interact with a lot of people at each of them. I made more contacts at this event in two short hours then I have at the last 10 events I attended. Not only did I get two prospective new clients [one for a listing, one for a sale], I met two other people, each who can help me in my business. Just as important, each of the people I met I hope will become more than the business they give and get — I hope they will become friends and colleagues as well. Thanks again.

**Biba is a phenomenal networker. She has created a unique networking experience that allows people to connect with everyone who attends, and provides a strategy to maximize the potential of doing business. I look forward to being a part of their future events.

Sonny Azam, Palm Beach – www.barterr.com

**Best networking event I have ever been to in my life and I’ve been to more than I can count. Why was it so great? Because two minutes is all you need to make a connection and then it’s all about the follow-up. The group was small enough to follow-up with everyone after the speed part, too. And since we had all met, we could ensure each other’s connections — « oh, you met ___, they can really help you with _____. » I’m telling you, it rocked! Thanks again Biba Pedron! Looking forward to next time.

Faye Levow – Publisher, Fort Lauderdale – www.LaunchPadPublishing.com

**I’ve been attending networking events in South Florida for 5 years now. Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Speed Biz Connection Networking held by Biba Pedron. What can I say but « Best Ever »! I think they should take it national.
Kim Bowman -What’s In It 4 U? www.WhatsInIt4U.org

**I wanted to thank you for those three hours of live coaching which have made a great leap forward in realizing my project. This really helped me to define my project and define an action plan -which is what I really needed to move forward and make my blog more effective. I also discovered how social media works and how to develop a career plan.
I now have an online blog and a page on Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter, and more importantly, I now know where I am and where to go. All this in just three hours! And thanks to your advice, I’ll also be able to develop my business in the U.S. with no worries. Without you, clearly, I would not even tried. Your help is really very valuable and powerful. Thank you again and see you next month in the next session of Teamup4Success Mastermind

Isabelle Tharywww.une-vie-pour-reussir.com – France

**Biba, I want to thank you for all the help that you have given me in the 2 years that I have been a member.
You have provided guidance and positive references to your members encouraging them to attend my seminars and allowed me to make 3 presentations to your members.
Through these meetings, I have made a number of business connections that have led to dozens of meetings and new clients. It was through your network that I made the connection with the people that have brought me my largest client, including a $100,000.00 contract. The biggest one I ever signed.
I feel that your approach is very unique and successful. The small groups allow people to meet and get to know each other. I think that your format is the best and that you are the only group that I have come across that provides these services.

Steve Helfand, WSI, Internet Business Consultant, NY

**You will be happy to know, I recently landed a lucrative technology consulting assignment with Moet-Hennesy in Paris, France. Your advice helped me fine-tune my networking skills. Using your networking strategies, my technology consulting company, NetTECH Systems, was awarded a 12-15 week consulting contract which will generate $50,000-$60,000 in profit. Thank you so much for caring and sharing, Biba.

Carl Reid, Founder of Savvy Intrapreneur

Biba goes out of her way not just to educate people about networking, marketing, and growing their businesses through word-of-mouth marketing and referrals, but she takes the extra step of directly connecting you with the other key players in her contact sphere, and follows up to ensure that the connection is made. She really is a networking expert! »

Yvahn Martin, Business Development Manager, Rappos, NY

**Biba provides exceptional value in her friendly and relaxed, but high-quality networking events. She takes a personal interest in members and goes the extra mile to make sure that they make connections that can most help them, whether it be by making an introduction, providing a forum for members to « show their stuff, » or by encouraging people to contact specific participants who may be helpful. I really enjoy working with her.
Jim Fell, ENCOMPASS Strategy, Business Consultant, NY

**I met Biba only a couple of months ago but I already acquired 2 new clients from the meetings and made some good connection with professionals that work in field related to Holistic Health, PR, and organization and administration of small business.

Floriana Betti, Holistic Health Counselor, NY

**I just wanted to write and tell you what a great benefit I have received in coming to your networking events. It has been extremely good for my business. I have met many people that I continue to work with. The contacts have been varied and positive – and have often led to other contacts and business. All very successfully.
I like the way you put the events together. You are charming and yet business-like, and you make it easy to network. Thank you.

**Biba’s program have kept me going, pushing me to move ahead in my business when things are quiet. I feel a surge of energy, after our sessions, optaining new ideas and knowledge because of her guidance. I have learned all sorts of tricks of the trade to help me market myself. She has been a wonderful asset and I am grateful that she is my life.

Robbie Stillerman, Dolls Designer, NY

**I recently purchased « Power of Networking Secrets" , after only one 1-hour one-on-one session with Biba, with her advises and strategies, I was able to completely refocus my business, offer three different programs to my clients to suit their needs, launch my monthly newsletter, start my membership and redo my web site to reflect my new strategies. Biba has been a joy to work with, and has helped me beyond my wildest expectations! I can’t wait for the second session.

Nancy Hoffmann, Graphic Designer, www.tomatodesign.net, NY

**Biba, thank you for the introduction. You create terrific environments for building fruitful relationships!

Sharon Lee Ritchie, President, Humanscapes, NY

**Biba’s « Power of Networking Secrets » – a 7 Step Program Maximize Your Networking Results is a great program to not only teach you, step by step, the best ways to network, but also includes other marketing and PR tips. This program is not only for networking newbies, but also for experienced networkers who want to improve their results. Just 1 or 2 of the tips she provides will help you to grow your business exponentially, which will more than pay for the cost of this program very quickly. A must-read for any type and size business.
Nita Robinson-Ammon, Virtual Assistant, Copy Editing www.NitaHelpingHand.net, KY

**After my private session with you, I felt much more confident in how to approach networking for my business. The strategies and tactics presented during this program were EXCELLENT! I am very grateful for having contacted you about how to realize the power of networking and to bring about the financial results that I want. Thanks for your help to improve my networking results. Laura Morales,

**I wanted to take a minute to tell you how great your « Power of Networking Secrets » program is. I learned how to properly design my business card, write my elevator speech and design my 7-step follow-up system. I will be recommending the program to everyone. Also, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I would also like to tell you how much I enjoyed the monthly Teamup4Succe$$ mastermind . I always learn something new.
Julie Barnes, Let’s Coordinate, LLC Overland Park, KS

**Before I met Biba by email about 7 months ago, I was attending about every networking event and was not getting much results. So I decided to sign up for the « 15 Ways to Maximize Your Networking Results » and this has helped me tremendously. Biba is always their to answer my questions and offer any good advice. Thank you.
Jay Bennett, Personalized Services 1on1, Casselberry, Florida

**Biba is a savvy, seasoned professional who not only offers you tips in the art of networking, she has written the book. If a global phenomenon enters your vocabulary, then contact Biba for the services she delivers. Biba offers techniques for implementation and achieving your goals that work in the new economy. In your quest for continuing success, I wholly recommend getting on board with Biba’s program « Power of Networking Secrets
Eileen Burns, Real Estat Agent, Miami , FL

**The Power of Networking Secrets program by Biba Pedron is comprehensive and thorough with actual action steps to put the program into motion. With everything from how to determine your target market to how to create a follow-up system leaving no stones unturned. And for those of us with tight schedules, Biba has highlighted how to maximize social networking. I’ve learned from Biba how to make the most out of LinkedIn in just a few minutes a day! «
Biba, your « Power of Networking » program is well developed, organized and presented in a friendly, safe and helpful manner. Even though I have been in the Life Coach group, your information clarified even more how all of the marketing pieces fit together. I will definitely be making some adjustments right away to my business cards and website based on the information you shared.
I would highly recommend your training to any business owner who is just starting out. I can see how clarifying and knowing how to present yourself before launching a new business can save a lot of time, money, energy and frustration. Definitely having a clear plan and vision and making sure all of your marketing support that vision is invaluable.

Colleen Russell, www.soulore.com – Sandpoint, Idaho

**After 10 years as an Account Manager at Hewlett Packard, SAS and Business Objects in Paris, and after selling solutions to several large accounts in France, I decided to move to the US. My priority was to start my own business. Surfing the web, I discovered Biba’s website, read her articles and bought her book « Start Your Dream Business today ». After several sessions with Biba, I realized that I wasn’t totally ready to jump and start my own business and decided to join UCLA to pursue an Award Certificate in General Business Studies. I also realized that I desperately needed to join her networking program: « The Power of Networking ». During this three weeks program, amount other things, I was able to learn how to make the 1st impression count, with both my business card and my elevator pitch, and learned the American way of business. Before I left Paris, I actually attended my 1st Networking, one of Biba’s events and implemented everything I learned in the program. I was able to introduce myself in such a clear and concise way that people were not only impressed but also said that I had made a memorable impact.

Jean Marc Dedeyne, Los Angeles,

**I just wanted to thank you. I did not know anything about ‘Networking’ when I arrived in New York. The first time I attended a Networking event, I was so scared! I have read with great interest your free report “15 Ways to Maximize Your Networking Results” and have followed your advice. Now I attend Networking events twice a month and I always meet interesting people! What I like in your events is that you really create good connections. I totally agree with you when you say that, the quality of the contacts is much more valuable than the number of people you meet with. Furthermore, it is true to say that “the more you see people, the more they know you. The more they know you, the more they trust you and want to do business with you!” I really believe that Networking is the only way to increase our own business. Thanks again for all your great advice. I am really glad to be a Biba4Network member.

Laetitia Balboux, Actimailusa.com, NY

**Hi Biba! I just wanted to write you a quick thank you for the amazing article you wrote on Creative Latitude about « 15 Ways to Maximize your Marketing Results ».
I just started revamping my business last year and joined a local chamber this past December. To be honest the only meeting I went to I was scared to death and it went horrible. I just found your article tonight and read it. Tonight is my second meeting for the chamber. I am getting honored for redesigning their logo so I’m excited yet dreading it, but now that I’ve read your article feel a bit more confident I am going to be able to network better. I don’t think people hear enough about the good things they do every day and this article is not just good, it’s AMAZING!!!
Maryann Little, Owner/Designer, NH

Testimonials of my French clients

**Je m’appelle Rim et je me suis installée en Tunisie depuis 2 ans et demi sur un coup de tête. J’ai ouvert une agence de communication et je suis formatrice comportementale par ailleurs.

S’adapter à la culture et au fonctionnement en matière de business dans un pays différent de notre référentiel est assez difficile. Par ailleurs j’étais dans une phase de grande remise en question sur mes propres compétences et sur ma manière de faire, on m’a souvent reproché le fait que je donne beaucoup sans ne rien demander en échange.

Il y a quelques mois que j’ai découvert Biba Pedron, et depuis je la suis sur les webinaires qu’elle donne et essaye de mettre en application quelques un de ses conseils.

Lors du webinaire » Génie du Marketing des indépendants » Biba a évoqué le fait d’essayer d’obtenir des informations sur les gens que l’on rencontre et de leur poser des questions.

Alors j’ai décidé d’appliquer ça à mon réseau LinkedIn en adoptant une stratégie inverse à celle que j’ai habituellement. En commençant par remercier la personne de me demander à l’ajouter à son réseau puis en lui demande de m’en dire plus sur son activité.

Ainsi j’ai pu me présenter de manière personnalisée, ce qui m’a valu 3 rendez-vous business et j’ai pu intéresser 2 journalistes pour couvrir un évènement qui aura lieu au mois de novembre, en seulement 15 jours de mise en application.

Ceci me motive à être coaché par Biba car j’ai maintenant la preuve que s’il existait une baguette magique ce serait un mélange des conseils de Biba, une forte volonté, de la persévérance et de la générosité.

Merci Biba pour vos précieux conseils et à très bientôt.

Rim BEN YOUSSEF – www.idcommunication.biz – Tunisie

**J’ai eu l’honneur de participer à une session stratégique avec Biba Pedron. Je recherchais des stratégies marketing pour attirer plus de clients, j’en ressors avec de la motivation et des actions concrètes à mettre en place sur mon blog et sur les réseaux sociaux, surtout Twitter et Facebook, ma cible clientèle étant essentiellement les jeunes de 16 à 25 ans. Ces stratégies vont me permettre de réaliser mon objectif qui est de développer ma visibilité sur Internet afin de ne pas aller chercher les clients (prospection, marchandage). Au lieu de ça les clients vont directement venir à moi. Je remercie grandement Biba pour l’expertise en marketing qu’elle nous apporte et vous invite à la suivre sur sa page facebook et visiter son site www.BibaPedron.com si comme moi, vous voulez développer votre visibilité sur Internet et attirer plus de clients.
Capucine Morsch, coach de vie –

**Il y a 9 mois j’ai ouvert un site de vente de lingerie fine, avec des grands espoirs mais petites connaissances dans le domaine du web. Comme tout débutant j’ai commis un certain nombre d’erreurs qui m’ont emmené à ne plus croire en moi. Et puis la solitude du « web », la porte vers le monde, mais quand on est derrière son écran, difficile de savoir à qui poser les questions, à qui ce confier, sans être jugé ; et surtout avec un retour désintéressés.

Au fil du temps le moral n’était plus au beau fixe, la motivation encore moins et bien sûr, dans ces cas-là, les affaires ne marchent pas non plus. Un jour sur ma boite mail ou sur Facebook, je vois une annonce qui m’interpelle: les 7 conseils pour augmenter sa clientèle…. Ca ne pouvait pas tomber mieux!! J’ai vite téléchargé, donné un coup d’œil et enregistré sur mon pc.

Peut-être que je n’étais pas encore prête car c’est seulement quelques semaines après que je me suis sérieusement penchée sur le document. J’ai lu et relu, j’ai noté les idées qui surgissaient à fur et mesure que je lisais et puis, j’ai voulu en savoir plus sur l’auteur. Biba Pedron!

D’abord la case « Facebook » et plus je défilais ces annonces et plus je voyais des articles, des infos, des liens tous plus intéressants les uns que les autres. Je suis passée au blog et là, je me suis régalée. Le déclic a été une vidéo, une interview avec un jeune homme qui avait vécu aux USA. En parlant de comment l’échec est perçu la bas, et je me suis sentie légère. Tout à coup plus de culpabilité, mais presque de la fierté vers moi-même et vers la femme entrepreneuse que je suis!

Mais il n’y a pas eu que ça, sur le blog encore et encore des cadeaux : conseils, e-books, vidéos, témoignages… et le ponpon: 30 minutes de session stratégique gratuite. Je me suis inscrite, peu confiante que quelqu’un m’appellerait. Dans la demi-journée qui a suivi, un mail me proposait un RDV via skype. WOW!

Moi, qui pendant des heures et des heures n’arrivais pas à joindre mon chef de projet à Paris. Tout d’un coup, de l’autre bout du monde, tout simplement, un RDV skype, gratuit, se proposait à moi?!!!

Le reste ne fut que du bonheur!

Les 30 minutes de session stratégique gratuite ont bien confirmé mes idées, affiné ma stratégie marketing et m’ont redonné, en si peu de temps, le plaisir de continuer mon aventure ecommerce. Quand j’ai raccroché, j’ai su que la présence de Biba m’aiderait à reprendre confiance en moi et ne plus me sentir seul en cas de besoin.

J’ai adhéré au groupe Mastermind « S’Unir Pour Réussir ». Et l’aventure commençait. La force et l’énergie du groupe m’a boosté. Les expériences des uns et des autres m’ont enrichi, les échanges d’informations et la disponibilité de tous les uns envers les autres a été d’un grand réconfort. Et la présence « virtuelle » du groupe a été formidable car dans les moments de difficulté ou baisse de morale, en un seul clic, je trouvais quelqu’un avec qui échanger.

Un seul mot d’ordre: persévérance! Même si je ne suis dans le groupe que depuis un mois, je sais qu’humainement c’est très riche. Aujourd’hui via les réseaux sociaux je reçois des news de mes camarades, je vois leurs avancés, chacun dans leur domaine et chaque fois que je vois un post de Biba, (au quotidien) je me rappelle le mot d’ordre et je trouve la force de continuer à me surpasser.

Aujourd’hui j’ai une certitude: ma réussite n’est pas loin!

Delia Masseran – Le Cannet

**A l’issue de notre session stratégique, l’ensemble des informations communiquées vont me permettre de remettre à jour mon site et de revoir mon blog. Vous m’avez permis de clarifier la méthode à suivre pour développer mon activité et avoir enfin des visiteurs sur mon site. Vous avez été franche avec moi, vous m’avez ouvert les yeux sur ce qui n’allait.

J’ai eu le plaisir d’écouter vos derniers webinaires, qui nous permettent d’avancer dans de meilleures conditions.
Nous sommes bien souvent sollicité, des formations nous sont proposées. c’est bien, mais après nous nous trouvons seul devant notre ordinateur et les choses ne sont pas aussi simple.
Pour l’avoir expérimenté, Biba est une personne qui reste accessible et à l’écoute.
Je recommande à toute personne qui souhaite créer son site ou son blog de suivre Biba sur www.BibaPedron.com
Régine Fages, Coach en bien être et contrôle de poids – www.nutrition-equilibree.com

**Un grand merci Biba Pedron, « The Connection Queen »!

En effet, un petit truc aux grands effets! Un « surnom » associé à mon nom qui fait mouche et me différencie de mes concurrents. Sur les conseils de Biba, j’ai apposé sur mes cartes de visite ainsi que dans mes présentations « French Physical Therapist. Ainsi même si mes interlocuteurs ne se souviennent pas de mon nom dans un premier temps, il est évident qu’ils n’oublient pas le fait que je suis français, et on sait a quel point les américains aiment les « Frenchy ». Maintenant lorsque je participe a des networking, j’entends sans cesse « oh yes, you are the French guy ». The French Physical Therapist est devenu mon branding et mon image de marque. So grateful, Biba! »
Alain Mounoury, French Physical Therapist, Miami FL

**A l’issue du webinair « Formule Action Marketing« , j’ai été en mesure de construire mon plan marketing de façon claire et ciblée et cela en 10 minutes.

L’ensemble des informations communiquées dans ce webinair m’ont aidé à clarifier la méthode à suivre pour développer mon activité .

Je recommande à toute personne qui souhaite créer son entreprise de suivre les conseils de Biba. Ils sont réellement utiles et pertinents.

Merci Biba pour ce partage tellement vrai et Pro ! »
Joelle de Luzy – Coach Professionnel & Formatrice-

**Merci Biba, pour cette excellente formation d’une heure, bien courte à mon gout. J’ai tellement à apprendre avec tous les nouveaux moyens de communication. Je reprendrais des heures de formation dès que j’aurais bien utilisé tous les conseils à mettre en place .

Premier conseil réorganiser la 1ere page de mon site en plaçant , mon onglet pour l’abonnement à ma newsletter, mes liens de réseaux sociaux afin qu’ils soient plus visibles.

Avec mon premier entretien , j’ai appris comment améliorer ma visibilité en utilisant les réseaux sociaux , les 5 premiers jours j’ai surtout partagé sur facebook , et ma visibilité a augmenté de façon considérable j’avais une moyenne de 40 personnes la semaine , je suis passée à 500 en quelques jours .

Biba m’a donné beaucoup de conseils pour développer mon agence de voyages, Soleil & Cocotiers . Je perdais beaucoup de temps sur des tâches que je peux déléguer, elle m’a donné des sites qui me permettront de ne plus perdre ce temps si précieux pour me concentrer sur ma communication d’entreprise .

Biba m’a également donné des astuces pour communiquer, partager de façon ponctuelle et augmenter de façon significative la visibilité de mon site internet http://www.voyages-iles-exotics.com

Je conseille vivement de prendre des sessions de coaching avec Biba, je suis très satisfaite, et je reviendrais vers elle très rapidement .

Corine Vitry Goldman, http://www.voyages-iles-exotics.com – Ile Maurice

**Je m’appelle Romy et je vis à l’île de la Réunion.
J’ai eu ma première séance avec Biba le 12 avril dernier.
À l’époque, j’avais deux activités professionnelles : l’une qui était psychologue et formateur en libéral et l’autre consultant junior en marketing internet.
Parce que ma première activité ne marchait pas trop – je faisais en moyenne 400 euros par mois– je m’étais dirigé depuis peu (moins de 7 mois) vers une autre qui me paraissait plus « rentable » et qui me plaisait aussi.

J’ai demandé à Biba de m’aider à développer mes deux activités et dès la première séance avec elle, j’ai repris confiance en ma valeur, et grâce à ses conseils, en ma capacité à générer plus d’argent avec mon activité principale. J’ai donc petit à petit délaissé ma deuxième activité et me suis consacré au développement de mon activité de psychologue.

Dans le mois qui a suivi cette première session, en appliquant les conseils de Biba, mes revenus se sont multipliés par 2,5.

Et grâce à ma participation et le soutien du groupe Mastermind, j’ai déjà gagné 1125 € supplémentaire et le mois n’est pas fini…

Hier encore je suis allé à la banque déposé un chèque de 200 € et j’en ai reçu 2 de 150 € hier après-midi.

Jusqu’à présent je louais un bureau à l’heure pour recevoir mes patients et aujourd’hui j’envisage d’avoir mon propre cabinet.

Je crois que le facteur explicatif le plus important de ces résultats est le sentiment de valeur personnelle. Avant ces sessions avec Biba et aux échanges avec les membres du mastermind, je n’étais pas autant conscient de ma valeur, de ce que je pouvais apporter aux autres, de comment je pouvais augmenter mes connaissances et mes compétences pour donner encore plus aux gens.

Les questions que je me posais alors étaient, « est-ce que mes tarifs ne sont pas trop chers pour les gens? » Il y avait en moi comme une peur de demander de l’argent, comme une peur de déranger l’autre, peur de passer pour quelqu’un d’avare et de malhonnête.

En mettant en place le système de forfaits conseillé par Biba, mon rapport avec le fait de demander de l’argent a changé: j’étais non plus un marchand mais un conseiller pour mes patients/clients, quelqu’un qui allait les aider à choisir le forfait le plus adapté à leur situation.

Maintenant que ce sentiment de valeur personnelle est plus ancré, j’attire davantage de clients par le bouche à oreille et de propositions d’animation de formation. Je pense que d’ici peu, je créerai un site internet pour faire connaître les témoignages de clients.

Un grand Merci à Biba et au groupe Mastermind pour leurs conseil, soutien et énergie.

Romy Malbroukou, psychologue, La Réunion

**Merci Biba pour cette analyse de ma présence sur le web. En seulement 30 mn, tu as su, à travers tes conseils, m’assurer que mon audience connaîtrait très bientôt un bond significatif.

Sur tes recommendations, je suis actuellement en train de réfléchir, entre autres, à:
– la redéfinition de mon logo et mon slogan pour une meilleure compréhension;
– la rédaction de mon propre ebook. Le délai motivateur de fin mars que tu m’as donné sera respecté, tu peux en être sûre;
– ma participation à l’évènement de Cédric Vimeux de Virtuose Marketing
– ma présence sur les réseaux sociaux.
Encore une fois, Merci pour ton partage et pour la ressource que tu m’as donnée. A très bientôt
Patrx Assemian -Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire

**Waouw ! Biba Pedron , « The Connection Queen », m’a bluffée du nombre d’informations à la minute dans une session de 30 minutes.
Outre des remarques extrêmement pertinentes sur mon site et démarrer facilement les réseaux sociaux, elle m’a même donné des conseils pour économiser de l’argent. Je ne peux que la recommander ! Merci !
Corinne Spielewoy , Coach en Suisse, http://www.linkart.pro

**Grâce à votre formation « Entreprendre et Reussir en 4 Etapes« , j’ai démarré mon blog, mon autorépondeur est en place, la mailing liste se remplit, et moi qui ne connaissais pas, ni ne pratiquais les réseaux sociaux, j’ai aujourd’hui une liste d’amis qui partagent mes passions et même des demandes de personnes qui souhaitent faire partie de mes amis FB. Merci Biba pour tous vos précieux conseils.
Christian Dubois – www.Toujours-Positif.com

**Je tenais à vous remercier pour ces trois heures de coaching live qui m’ont faites avancer d’un grand bond dans la concrétisation de mon projet.

Cela m’a vraiment aidée à définir mon projet, à mieux le cibler, à définir un plan d’action – ce dont j’ai vraiment besoin pour avancer – et de rendre mon blog plus efficace.

Cela m’a également fait découvrir le fonctionnement des réseaux sociaux et sa logique interne pour le développement d’un projet professionnel.

J’ai maintenant un blog en ligne et une page sur Facebook, Linked-In, et Twitter, et surtout, je sais maintenant où je vais et comment je dois m’y rendre.

Et tout cela en trois heures seulement ! Et grâce à vos conseils, je vais également pouvoir développer mon activité aux Etats-Unis sans que cela ne me fasse peur. Sans vous, clairement, je n’aurais même pas essayé.

C’est vraiment très appréciable et performant. Encore merci à vous et à très bientôt.Isabelle Laur – Auteur du Blog une-vie-pour-reussir.com

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