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Biba Pédron offers her services in individual private coaching, in groups, or online training. By using her strategies, most of her clients double or even triple their revenue in 90 days.
There is definitely a formula that fits your needs at the moment.
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My results were fast and well beyond my expectations. I learned a lot that I didn't know. The coaching with Biba weighed in the balance of the success of my business. Today, 80% of my orders come from Facebook and this visibility has opened the doors to the media for me." Brigitte L’homme, Reunion Island

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Who is Biba ?

Business & Mindset Expert (aka THE Expert of Great Attitude) , best-selling author, speaker, Biba Pedron has helped countless small business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals connect the dots of marketing, social media, networking, branding & mindset so they can grow their visibility to become an authority and a successful entrepreneur in record time.

Recognized as someone who powerfully connects with people, professionally, and socially, Biba brings her marketing strategies to both sides of the Atlantic.

She is the author of "Start Your Dream Business Today" - "Stop Pitching and Start Networking", "Sauter Le Pas" - " M.D.R, La Formule Gagnante Pour Réusir Sa vie"

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Biba International Speaker

Known as The Mindful Business Strategist Speaker, Biba specializes in mindset, marketing, and personal branding.

Accomplished entrepreneur, business & mindset coach, nicknamed “The Connexion Queen” by her Americans clients, Biba shares all her expertise and Franco-American experience during her conferences, which have already impacted thousands of people in the French and English-speaking world.

Topics (in French & English)

The B.R.A.N.D Formula To Get Through Any Economic Change
– The M.D.R Formula To Succeed in Life
– Your Confidence Determine Your Revenue

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Author and #1 bestsellers on Amazon :


-M.D.R The Winning Formula For A Successful Life -2021

- Global Women in Business - 2019

- Stop Pitching and Start Networking - 2015

- Start Your Dream Business Today - 2006/2014

- M.D.R, La Formule Gagnante pour Réussir sa Vie - 2020
- Tu Te Lèves et Tu Décides Pour Booster Ta Performance Commerciale - 2018
- Sauter le Pas - Transformer Sa Passion En Business - 2016

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Featured in the Press…

Forbes France - From Dreaam to Reality

It all started with two childhood dreams: becoming a police officer and living in the United States. Unfortunately, from dream to reality, there are sometimes several obstacles and Biba having seen her first dream slip away, had to cherish the second and fight to make it come true in 2003 by moving to New York.

If we had to summarize in one word, the story of the one who has today to her credit several business coaching services, conferences, and training, it would be: freedom.

Driven by the desire to take her freedom, to set up an activity that she can manage from anywhere, thanks to a computer a phone and an internet connection, Biba Pédron left her job on a Friday evening in April 1998 to start, on Monday her own company in Paris and the second one in New York in 2003.
She was Featured in

Forbes - "Women of Influence" Edition June 2019

Cover of World's Leader Magazine in July 2023

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“Biba is a tremendous expert in personal branding and her conference was extremely successful at WED 2017, it is part of 2 most loved conferences out of the 17 with a very high overall level. Biba is wonderful, professional, generous, accessible, it was a real pleasure to work with her for this inspiring and moving day for the public.
Morgane February, organizer of the Web Entrepreneur Day“

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You are a solo entrepreneur, small business owner, coach, consultant, or you sell your own expertise, and you want to develop your visibility, your branding, your mindset AND THEREFORE YOUR BUSINESS.

Depending if you're at a beginner, intermediate, or at an advanced level, and on your needs, I offer various options of individual or group coaching.

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In this book, Biba Pedron shares all the steps to launch, develop, and above all succeed in your business so as not to be part of these statistics. Not only does Biba give you the keys to launching your business, but she teaches you how to do it, taking into account your passions, what you value most.
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“Biba doesn't just have the professional experience to share. Her career, the difficulties she bravely faced, her daring, her perseverance are simply invitations to surpass herself and above all to understand ... that "it is possible"!

With great modesty and wealth, Biba generously shares her tools and advice with a rare passion. After listening to her, there is no more excuse for not carrying out your plans!

Bravo Biba and thank you for your generosity on stage! "

Michel Poulaert - International Speaker - CSP