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With A Custom Marketing Strategy in just 60 Minutes…Guaranteed

I’m Biba Pedron and I’m here with an important message that can greatly impact the way you do business. Start generating results in business immediately, attracting more clients, and increasing your revenue in record time.

Do you struggle trying to make your business grow but feeling as if you’re just getting by?

I know how you feel because I’ve walked the path you’re on now. I know how frustrating it is to have an idea after idea seems to fail – and no matter how hard you try or what you do – nothing seems to work. It took me years to perfect my Marketing System after thousands of trials and errors. You don’t have to go through the same agony because I am going to share my secrets with you!

What qualifies me to help you?

When I moved in the United States in 2013, I could barely speak English, didn’t know anything about networking, and had no connections. But within 2 years, I wrote a book “Start Your Dream Business Today” and had become know as “The Connection Queen“. Clients were asking for my secrets. Since then I have grown 2 international businesses specializing in helping people like you develop businesses with effective networking, marketing, and branding strategies.

Imagine knowing exactly how to market your own business.

Imagine knowing which strategies work to increase your client conversion rate and which ones will bog you down with extra paperwork and no results. Be prepared to be amazed as I take away all of the guesswork and show you how to get the same results I do in your very own business. My goal is to save you years of treading water and teach you the steps to increase your income quickly and efficiently.

I want to personally work with you to help you:

establish your target market to find clients that actually need and are ready to purchase the services you offer

boost your revenue through Internet and social networking by honing in on an endless source of targeted traffic

learn to differentiate between potential clients and people who waste your time and money

develop your brand and style to present you and your products in the best light

develop and utilize multiple passive income streams that run on auto-pilot.

Whether you’ve just started thinking about opening a business of your own as a full-time endeavor or as a stay-at-home mom, or whether you have a business that has been running for years, but is taking too much of your time – you can increase your income while saving yourself time and much-needed energy. As a woman who has run multiple businesses – sometimes all at the same time – I have developed a foolproof system to get rid of the bad habits that cost you too much time while implementing good habits that will make your life easy. I am here to guide you to your goals.

"Yes Biba, I' m Ready to Jump Start My Business"

Sure, you can spend your time reading tips on the internet, attending seminars, or asking everyone you know for advice, but you will probably get a lot of conflicting information that will lead you nowhere. You may see promises of one quick step to alleviate all of your worries and hassles or even people selling their help without actually showing you what they offer.

Have you found yourself confused by the sheer amount of information regarding starting up or maximizing the profits of your business?
There are no rubber stamps and no magic bullets for building an optimal business method – it is hard work and follow-through, but once you have a system in place it is a piece of cake.

What you need is someone to teach you the system, to warn you of the pitfalls and to show you key markers of success along the way. That’s where I come in. I will help you find the techniques from my repertoire that work for you, that fit your style, that are unique to your personality and business approach.

Bonus – The Audio Recording

This 60 Minute Booster Session includes so much information it can be overwhelming to take in over just one listen. To make sure you get the most out of your experience I will record the session and personally email you a link to the audio recording so you can listen again and again to the tools and suggestions that will save you time and money.

My biggest goal in my work is to make sure other women can succeed the way I have. Nothing puts a smile on my face more than knowing I’ve saved someone from having to muddle through all the mistakes and wrong turns I had to make before developing the right system.

Don’t give up if you haven’t been getting the results you want. If you’re tired of doing the same thing and getting the same old results, get ready to try something new. I’ll help you define your goals and develop a plan to make more money doing the things that you love.
I’ve shown hundreds of entrepreneurs how to reach success and I will do the same for you.

You won’t leave with just a strategy session, you will have a CUSTOM marketing strategy tailored to your business and personality. It will be your step-by-step guide to get the results you deserve.
In this session, you too can experience a BREAKTHROUGH in your business that causes a rapid increase in your income. It may change your life.

Don’t have business experience?
Have some success, but want more?
Increase your income and free up your time with proven strategies.

Here’s how the session works:

You sign up and schedule your session. During your session, the first 15 minutes or so I will be asking you pointed questions about your business, your goals, and what strategies you are implementing currently.

After that, I will talk to you about the strategies I think will best fit your business. I want you to have the big pictures of why things aren’t working and how implementing simple, but pointed, strategies will help you to succeed. Through my experience as a women solo-entrepreneur, I will guide you to the best possible plan for your business future.

Just as important we will evaluate your target market to see if you need to narrow or broaden your net. Many business owners do not realize they are casting such a wide net that is stretched so thin all the fish are slipping through. Instead of narrowing their search, they cast a wider net, thinking they are not getting clients because they aren’t advertising to enough people. I will teach you why this strategy fails and the replacement that will guarantee you more prospects.

At the end of the session, you will leave with a structured business and marketing plan. You will have a road map in your hands and on record that will feature step-by-step instructions for all the strategies we’ve discussed to get results in no time.

Imagine the day you don’t have to think of your business and feel overwhelmed!
I promise it will happen if you implement the business and marketing plan we establish.

Here are some of the topics we will cover during this one-on-one session:
1. How to build your list
2. How to guarantee traffic to your blog, website, or squeeze page
3. How to individualize your products and services
4. How to stop chasing prospects and make them chase you
5. How to focus on one business idea to maximize your profit
6. How to rediscover the passion that made you start your business, which you will need to be a magnet to clients
7. How to spot your ideal client a mile away
8. How to create your own products and recycle older products
9. How to save yourself time by implementing an auto-pilot system
10. How to find and hire virtual assistants (yes you can afford the help and I will show you how)
11. How to keep all the resources, tools, and information at your fingertips utilizing little to no actual space
12. And much, much more…

Don’t take my words for it, see what my clients say:

Are you TOO ready for your journey to success? Are you ready to shine BIBA style? Are you willing to invest in your business?

If so, I look forward to the possibility of spending 60 minutes with YOU, one on one, working IN Your business instead of ON Your business.

Yes Biba, I’m ready to invest in my 60-minute booster session to take my business to the next level.
I am ready to take my business to the next level with your 60-minute booster session. I schedule my session NOW to align my products, programs, and marketing strategy to grow my business and my revenue and get the financial freedom
I want and deserve.

I understand that I will receive:
-a 60-minute booster session with Biba
-as a bonus – the audio of my session in an MP3 format

After this booster strategy session, we will determine which coaching option is best for you to take your business to the next level.

Take action NOW, since it's ONLY AVAILABLE 48 HOURS.

Still, thinking?

Does marketing sound like a puzzle for you and you don’t really know how to put all the pieces together?Well, let me show you a proven simple, easy, and fun way to market your business with success. Whether you meet people offline or online, you need a follow-up system to turn your contacts into clients.

If you would like me to help you, take your business to the success you deserve, but not sure which coaching option is best for you, schedule a 30-minute Fast Track Strategy Session NOW I have only a few spots available every month and they go super fast so lock in your spot right away!

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