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“Give Me Just 1 Day and I’ll Give You My Entire Marketing System and Coach You Through The Step by Step Process of Customizing Your Own Business While Having More Time to Relax, Ponder YOUR Goals, Double YOUR Success, and Revenue in the next 3 months…

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, our biggest hurdle is maintaining a steady stream of paying clients.

You get paid for a job well done and a satisfied client. However, there’s a lot of work that goes into finding and hooking your clients-and you don’t get paid for that time. Think of this kind of work as a long term investment such as real estate or slower growing, but more stable stocks.

You are setting out on an intriguing and new path of prospecting, networking, connecting, creating a marketing plan, writing blogs and articles, and keeping up with new business and social networking trends. If you don’t already have a trusted follow-up system, you won’t get the results you want. Right now, you might be trying your best, but trying everything under the sun and setting yourself back every time you abandon one system for another. Believe me, I know your frustration. Before I developed the system that increases and double my yearly income annually, I felt like my stabs at success was haphazard and clumsy at best.

But help is on the way and I’ve got some good news for you!

I know exactly how to help you find your way to getting the client flow you’ve always dreamed of. Each individual is different. We all have different needs, expectations, and goals. I will prove to you that my strategies will work to help you achieve success. We also have common goals: a steady stream of clients, great ratings, and referrals.

Hi my name is Biba Pedron. Originally from France, when I started out in the US, I could barely speak English, didn’t know anything about networking and had no connections ; but within 2 years I was known as “The Connection Queen”.

Since then I have grown 2 international businesses specializing in helping people like you develop their business with effective networking and marketing strategies. I have shared my strategies with hundreds of people and guided them to tweaking those strategies to their own businesses.

When you discover my systems, you will be excited and amazed at how easily you connect with your target market, expand your business, and double your revenue.

Are you equipped to break through the barriers that have been holding you back?

Lots of people struggled in the past few years with a challenging economy. The ‘old way’ of doing business just doesn’t work anymore. Our industries have undergone radical change and so must our marketing and networking plans.

So my goal for 2015 more than ever is to coach and advise you on all aspects of your own business to show you the strategies that I use over and over again for myself in my successful 6-Figure international businesses and that I teach to my clients. This is your chance to learn how to boost your income, network effectively, attract more clients and get your brand known

The VIP Strategy Day

Get ready to concentrate on you and your business because I am inviting you to spend an entire business day working with me ONE-ON-ONE, learning the techniques to invest in you! Together, in the comfort of my Miami home office or via Zoom, we will evaluate and overhaul your business plan. This is not a workshop – it is a full day one-on-one Business Intensive during which you will come away with strategies to become a known expert in your field, create multiple income sources, and the solutions to the business problems you may encounter.

By the end of the day you will learn strategies that cover:

-Discovering Exactly what You Want Out of Your Business
-Revamping Your Marketing Plan
-Building the Best List
-Reaching Out to Your Target Market
-Becoming THE Expert in your Market
-Creating Additional ‘NO WORK’ Income Sources

You will also learn how to:
-Create a peaceful and productive space in which to work
-Branding yourself as a go-to person
-Fitting your lifestyle into your career

Learn to Set Up Your Autopilot System:
-Use websites, social media and blogs to work for you
-Get the most bang for your buck when developing new products and services
-Strategies for client management that will get you more referrals with less work
-Create the follow-up system that works with your style of networking

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes Ever Again:
-Catch yourself in the act of making the simplest business mistakes that EVERYONE is guilty of
-Check your action and then Change it! Replace that bad action with a good, profit-making decision. I will teach you how!

You will also learn what it takes to market yourself with new media. Tap all the modern resources including video, live events, info products, online networking groups, newsletters, and more!

The best part of working ONE-ON-ONE with Me as a networking expert is that I know what strategies work and which don’t and I know how to help you stick to your business resolutions. When we revamp your system, you will keep the good habits, get rid of the bad habits, and create an easy to follow a plan to meet all of your goals for 2011. By the end of this VIP Strategy Day, you will walk away with the confidence and the skills to make this year BIG!

Imagine how this one day will change your business results, so take action NOW.
But don’t take my word for it. See what other people just like you have to say about the benefits derived from working with ME.

“Biba goes out of her way not just to educate people about networking, marketing, and growing their businesses through word-of-mouth marketing and referrals, but she takes the extra step of directly connecting you with the other key players in her contact sphere, and follows up to ensure that the connection is made. She really is a networking expert!”
Yvahn Martin, Business Development Manager, Rappos, NY

You will be happy to know, I recently landed a lucrative technology consulting assignment with Moet-Hennesy in Paris, France. Reading your articles on networking, helped me fine tune my networking skills. Using your networking advice, my technology consulting company, NetTECH Systems, was awarded a 12-15 week consulting contract which will generate $50,000-$60,000 in profit. Thank you so much for caring and sharing, Biba.
C. E. Reid, CEO & President, NetTECH Systems – Jersey City, NJ

“Biba is a savvy, seasoned professional who not only offers you tips in the art of networking, she has written the book. If global phenomenon enters your vocabulary, then contact Biba for the services she delivers. Biba offers techniques for implementation and achieving your goals that work in the new economy. In your quest for continuing success, I wholly recommend getting on board with Biba’s program Power of Networking Secrets”
Eileen Burns, Broker , Miami , FL

Biba’s program is comprehensice and thorought with actual action steps to put the program into motion. With everything from how to determine your target market to how to create a follow-up system leaving no stones unturned. And for those of us with tight schedules, Biba has highlighted how to maximize social networking. I’ve learned from Biba how to make the most out of LinkedIn in just a few minutes a day!”
Nishika Jones, Broker, Miami, FL

I recently purchased “Power of Networking Secrets”, after only one 1-hour one-on-one session with Biba, with her advises and strategies, I was able to completely refocus my business, offer three different programs to my clients to suit their needs, launch my monthly newsletter, start my membership and redo my web site to reflect my new strategies. Biba has been a joy to work with, and has helped me beyond my wildest expectations! I can’t wait for the second session.
Nancy Hoffmann, Graphic Designer, NY,

Biba is amazing! Her insights and observations are right on target. During a recent teleclass she analyzed several websites, including mine; offering excellent ideas to enhance and retain traffic. In our first Mastermind Coaching session, she listened to my concerns and provided a completely different approach to my pricing options. As a result of her suggestions, I now provide special coaching packages within the categories Breakups or Divorce, to Recovery and Renewal, which are appropriate to a clients needs or budget. Thank you Biba for your wisdom, insights and expertise! I look forward to our future Mastermind Coaching sessions. Cheryl Lazarus – Breakups, Divorce and Coaching, NY –

What’s My Investment for The VIP Strategy Day?

– You need to have at least 1 year of business experience.
– You need to know, what your niche is. (We don’t want to spend the all day just to find out)
– You already have some structure in place
– You know how marketing strategic work.
– You are ready and committed to think bigger.
To be considered for a VIP Strategy Day, you are required to complete a short application. I’ll review it to make sure the VIP Day is a good fit for you. Once approved, you can pay in full or in 2 payments. All payments must be made in advance of our VIP Day.

Your total investment for the VIP Strategy Day is $5000 via Zoom

Your travel and hotel stay is separate and is your responsibility.

I know this opportunity is not for everybody. It’s only for those who are serious to make 6-Figure or more while building more freedom into their lives.
If you implement just a couple of the dozens of strategies and plans we’ll create together, you’ll very likely get back much more than you invest for the day. If you’re ready to take your lifestyle and income to the next level, apply here…

And, best of all, in most cases, the cost is tax-deductible as an expense for business consulting. Check with your accountant. There’s an old saying that “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results defines insanity.” Let’s do something different to take your business to the next level.

Are You Ready To Take The Plunge And Become A Magnet To Your Clients Take Your Business To The Next Level?

If You Are Ready For A Life-Changing Experience,

The Time To Start is NOW!

If you have any questions and want to make sure that this VIP Strategy Day is for you, click-here.

Join Me for a VIP Strategy Day Now!

Biba, I’m ready to step up to your VIP Day via Zoom created specifically for those who are ready to learn and apply more advanced networking and success-proven marketing strategies to take their business to the next level.

My order includes the following:

-6 hours of training one-on-one with Biba via Zoom - This is not a group session. You will meet just with me because that is what my clients love best: the personal support and attention devoted solely to your business. Value: $5000

-1 Follow-up 60 minutes session with Biba, via Zoom, 15 days after the VIP Day Value: $800

-When you sign-up I will contact you within 48h, to schedule a 30-minute preview session to see if the VIP Day is the best fit for you and your business. Value: $500

-Unlimited emails for quick questions for 30 days. Value: $1000

-My personal resource guide. Over the years I spent tens of thousands of dollars on resources and tools, many of which turned out to be useless. Now you don’t have to do the same because I’ve sifted through all of the resources for you. I am sharing with you my personally approved Rolodex of contacts, giving you inside access to the people, tools, and resources that DO work, so you save time and money. Value: $1000

All of this represents a value of more than $8300.

If you come to Miami - It doesn’t include air far and hotel reservation, but as soon as you sign-up, hotel details will be provided to you so you can book your reservations

Contact me to make sure this VIP Day is for you and will help you boost your business

I'm really looking forward to diving deep down into your business and your life to redesign it and refocus it in order to build you the best business model and systems that will allow you to live your happiest life ever!

To check if the VIP Strategy Day is the best coaching option for you, 1st book a 30-minute Free Session, to talk about it.

I can’t wait to work with you!

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