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Meet Biba Pedron

Hi, I’m Biba Pedron, business coach, marketing expert, author, bestseller and speaker.

Originally from France, I have been leaving in the United States since 2003, and I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs in the French and US market to grow their business through marketing and simple but effective online and offline strategies to attract more clients, make more money and finally build the business of their dreams. Most of my clients double or triple their revenues within 3 months, using my strategies.

Imagine getting the steps, systems, advice and encouragement you need to take advantage of more opportunities, more clients and more fun in your business. Imagine being seen as the expert and leader in your field or niche with your new clients ready to follow you at all times and pay for your products or services. This is not a dream. This can be your reality in a record time.

My mission is to help you enjoy the power of marketing to grow your business to the next level.

Let Me Show You How To Build Your Business Effectively!
My goal is to help and advise you on all aspect of your own business to show you the strategies that I use over and over again for myself in my successful 6-figure international businesses and that I teach to my clients. This is your chance to learn how to boost your income, network effectively, attract more clients and get your brand known.

I am here to help you grow your visibility to attract more clients without the chase, and build the business of your dreams doing only what you love.

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You will be happy to know, I recently landed a lucrative technology consulting assignment with Moet-Hennesy in Paris, France. Your advice helped me fine tune my networking skills. Using your networking strategies, my technology consulting company, NetTECH Systems, was awarded a 12-15 week consulting contract which will generate $50,000-$60,000 in profit. Thank you so much for caring and sharing, Biba.

C. E. Reid

Ah My Biz Coach That Wild French Woman After I reported that I made 30% more of my goal for this month, after we celebrated and after I mentioned my new ideas. She said “No you think to small” The best coach will bring you to your better self, even when you think you already achieved it. Thanks Biba

Helena Summer

Biba is the best coach I have ever had! I love that she is so personable. Biba’s love for guiding and helping entrepreneurs shows from the very first moment you speak with her. She isn’t there just for financial gain, she truly cares about your success! When you take her coaching courses you receive more than initially anticipated. After a session with Biba you feel fully empowered and capable of handling all of your business ventures.

Biba Pedron is a Business Coach extraordinaire. Her knowledge base is vast and her ideas are creative. Whether I come to her with a specific issue or begin by updating my progress, she inevitably provides me with a massive amount of information and the next steps in which to grow my business. She gives her honest opinion. If I suggest a direction that she doesn’t think is marketable, she will tell me and suggest an alternative. If you want a coach with a fair seeing vision, generous spirit and a range of resources, I recommend to work with Biba.

Cheryl Lazarus