Business Global Connection - Founded by Wendy Caverly & Biba Pedron

Two networking experts, who joined their forces and expertise to create a partnership/community opportunity for business owners, and build network more effectively.

Business Global Connection

1st Thursday of the Month at 1PM EST

Stop Pitching & Start Connecting!

Are you looking for:
-an effective way to build network and get new partners, referrals and clients?
-being more visible and getting more noticed in your market?

-gain word of mouth traction
-meeting like-minded people to really take your business to the next level, with people really ready to support you, and promote you?

The more you network with intent, the more:
-you’ll grow,
-you‘ll make lasting connections,
-you’ll form trust
-you’ll help one another toward your goals
-you’ll develop long-term personal & business relationships

-you'll excellerate the results

That is where Business Global Connection, can help you.

Since networking is more than shaking hands and sharing an elevator pitch; during 2 hours a month, you will meet global/international entrepreneurs ready to exchange, partners, help each other with our Give & Take session.

We meet on the 1st Thursday of the month The Concept:

Give – how can you help others with your expertise (which doesn’t mean that your services will be donated for free), but what tips can you share for others to grow faster

Take – What do you need, how can others help you go to the next level faster, so you don’t have to waste time to find all solutions alone?

The Founders of Business Global Connection

Wendy Caverly, A New and Strategic View of Intentional Connection,Strategist, Speaker, Consultant, provides a new, strategic view of intentional connecting for business success. She speaks on why connection is important for long-term value and short term benefit, along with the skills used to enhance the sales and marketing processes. Often delivering her unique view with humor and encouragement. Knowing both introvert and extrovert can adopt this view and make it their own. Clearly defining the four common goals needed to succeed: establishing/maintaining connections. Spotting new opportunities. Attracting collaboration partners and mentors.

Building measurable action plans to stay on track while managing frustrations. A high view of these goals referred to as; The Landscapes. With 20+ years of entrepreneurial and networking experience, including political campaigns, direct sales, small business operator, account manager and meeting facilitator, it’s not what you know, but who you know and Wendy provides how-to find, connect and build relationships with the Who.

You can learn more about Wendy Caverly @

Biba Pedron - Business & Mindset Expert, Author, Bestseller, International Speaker, served women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, giving them her step-by-step Formula: Strategy – Visibility - Impact to double or triple their revenues in 90 days, while realizing their passion.

She authored multiple books & bestsellers, in French and English - Her last one is “M.D.R: The Winning Formula for a Successful Life: Luck does not exist; You create it

She received many accolades including:

-Excellence in Business Coaching,

-Entrepreneur of the Year,

-Top 100 Global Women Entrepreneurs.

-and was featured in Forbes Magazine France as a ‘Women of Influence",

Working with thousands of women entrepreneurs, she realized that they needed to connect the dots of marketing, social media, branding, and mindset to boost their businesses much faster, so she started helping them with effective strategies, to get to the next level.

You can learn more about Biba Pedron @

Business Global Connection offers you a new way to network.

Level one: 2 hours on the 1st Thursday of the month at 1 PM EST, open to members & non-members.

To Build a network more effectively and globally.

You receive: Intent, Focus, Access, Opportunity, and a simple repetitive and low-time commitment plan. Including introductions The Give & Take Session -

Membership $97 per month or 970$ / year
Non-members can try it twice at 47$ ONLY

Level two: 1 hour once a month. 2 coaches sharing their skills, techniques and training with them. Breakout sessions and hot seats for practice and feedback.

Beginning April 6th, at 3 pm est, right after level one. - Learn More during the Level1 Session

Level three: A Mastermind setting with your increasingly beneficial network. Strategy, soundboarding, clarity of intent.

Beginning May 4th. at 4 pm est, right after level one and two. Learn More during the Level1 Session

Any hesitations or questions?

Feel free to contact us

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