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Own Your Power TV – The Power of Collaboration – Simone Kelly & Biba Pedron

Check this video with The Networking Divas who are sharing her tips on collaboration and partnership.

The Networking Divas

The Power of Collaboration Part 1

The Power of Collaboration Part 2

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You don’t have to do it alone anymore! IT’S TIME TO JOIN FORCES. We take for granted the amazing resources that are right at our fingertips, right in our Smart Phones, or that stack of business cards at the bottom of our desk drawers … there’s no telling what we could accomplish! Creating strategic alliances with someone who complements your business (as you do theirs) is what it’s all about. Watch this for examples that might  work for you!

Learn more about Simone Kelly, founder of Own Your Power TV – click here

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Executive Producer: Simone Kelly
Producer/Editor: Steve Dukes
Theme Song: “I Came to Own My Power”
Written by: Yahzarah
Produced By: Wrighttrax
Instrumental: The Underdog

Business Strategist, Marketing Expert, Author, Bestseller and Speaker, Biba Pedron brings her successful marketing techniques to both sides of the Atlantic. She has helped countless small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals connect the dots between marketing, social media, networking, and branding, so they can grow their visibility to become an authority and a successful entrepreneur in record time. To take advantage of her strategies and tips, download her free ebook "3 Steps to Connect, Communicate, and Convert Without Selling", where she reveals her 3C Formula to 6 Figures. Download it now, It is totally free

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