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030416Biba_Pedron032Business coach, marketing expert, speaker and best-selling author, Biba Pedron brings her successful marketing techniques to both sides of the Atlantic. Biba has helped countless small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals connect the dots between marketing, social media, networking, and branding, so they can grow their visibility to become an authority and a successful entrepreneur in record time.

Biba was born and raised in France. For over 15 years, she served as a sales and marketing manager for a number of companies there. She became recognized for her ability to connect powerfully with people, both professionally and socially. In 1998, she started her first own business in France and grew it from the ground up. She’d always harbored a dream of following her entrepreneurial drive to the United States, and in 2003, Biba moved to New York. Despite speaking little English and having no contacts, she launched her second venture.

She is now based in Miami; her energy and determination have fuelled the growth of her six-figure business. Biba is known as “The Connection Queen” – her passion is connecting striving entrepreneurs with the tools and systems they need to excel, to do what they love best. She is uniquely qualified to help them build international partnerships. Over the past ten years, Biba has shared her hard-won experience and key business secrets with entrepreneurs, giving them the exact formula they need to grow their business with a step-by-step road map – no getting lost, no wrong turns. Her clients have been able to double or triple their business revenues in less than three months.

Biba is recognized as one of the Top Women Business Coaches in France.

biba pedronBiba Pedron has been honored by Top Female Executives, Professionals & Entrepreneurs and Recognized for Excellence in Business Coaching by Worldwide Who’s Who. And named “Outstanding Entrepreneurs of the year” by The International Society of Business Leaders.

Since her passion and mission is to help other women to become successful entrepreneurs, Biba joined, the association “Empowering a Billion Women by 2020” (EBW2020) founded by Ingrid Vanderveldt, and is  honored to be the “Country Leader” to represent EWB 2020 in French speaking countries.


Ebook SYDBTBiba Pedron is a #1 Amazon Bestseller of her 2 books “Start Your Dream Business Today” and “Stop Pitching and Start Networking

When Biba’s not giving one-on-one business coaching session, she can be found leading seminars and events for women.

Biba’s motto is “Stop looking for a job, start your own business doing what you love. I started companies in both France and the USA, my experience can save you lot of time and money.

Biba Pedron – Business Coach, Marketing Expert, Speaker, Author, Bestseller, Awards Winner.


Biba Pédron is the author of:

Start Your Dream Business TodayStart Your Dream Business TodayMust-Know Strategies to Launch a Successful Business (And Tips To Keep It Running!), a simple yet informative and easy to follow, step-by-step guide to everything a new entrepreneur should know when starting a business.

“Power of Networking Secrets” a program To Turn More Networking Contacts Into Business Boosting Clients In 7 Simple Steps & Maximize YOUR Networking Results.

Biba Pedron-“Stop Pitching and Start Networking” This book guides you through dos and don’ts of networking and under what circumstances can it be fully used to reap the fruits for oneself. It clearly explains the course of action for successful usage of networking to its maximum potential.

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For over 15 years, Biba has served as a sales & marketing manager for a number of companies in her native France. Recognized as someone who powerfully connects with people, professionally and socially, Bibabrings her successful networking techniques to both sides of the Atlantic.

She has managed numbers of salespeople in different companies before she started her first business F.P Communication in April 1998, where she helped dozens of her clients—mainly small business owners—grow their businesses through telemarketing. She brings her personal experience, know-how, energy and sensitivity to her clients who are typically experts in their chosen fields. Biba helps her clients structure, organize and grow their businesses.

Biba Pedron is well-known for her unique blend of business networking through her own company Biba4Network, LLC. The events provide entrepreneurs and small business owners the opportunity to meet each other in a structured setting, exchange ideas and resources. Biba makes a concerted effort to create the right environment that fosters growth and development and she strives to help her members meet the right partners for their businesses.

To receive her free e-course “15 Ways to Maximize Your Networking Secrets” and Free Videos series “Social Media Know How” visit 

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