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Attention Solo-Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants and Professionals


“Give Me only 90 Days and I’ll Give You My Entire Marketing System and Coach You Through The Step by Step Process of Customizing Your Own Business While Having More Time to Relax, Ponder YOUR Goals, Double YOUR Success and Your Revenue, Just Like I do…

Have you have ever asked yourself any of the following:
– Why is my business not working for me and not giving me the results I want?
– I am using social media everyday, but no one seems to be interested in what I’m doing; what is going on?
– I created my own product, but it’s not selling.
– Why do the people I approach say they like the product, but that they don’t have money or want to wait? always said, they like what I do but don’t have any money to take my program or product.
– Am I the coach for the broke ONLY?
– Why no matter how much I promote my products, nothing seems to happen? – I already bought numbers of coaching programs and have applied what they said but I always get the same result. Niet, nada, rien, nothing!!!
– Why is it so easy for other people and not for me?
– What is it that I am missing in my business?

Does this sound like deja vu for you? Well you are not alone, and I’ve been in your shoes, until I found the Secret – or more specifically the SYSTEM.

Are you a new business owner or someone who is transitioning into a solo-owned business after years in the corporate world? If so you will need to know how to get clients and how to make money while avoiding pitfalls that can mean the difference between making a profit and just eking by.

Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been working your own business but are making less than 6-figures a year, you probably love what you do, but you’d like to make more money at it. You may be stuck in neutral where your business has begun to feel like it’s working you. You may even have a day-job that is supporting you while you support your real dream. The point is, you need more clients or clients period AND you need them NOW.

biba pedronBut help is on the way and I’ve got some good news for you! I know exactly how to help you find your way to getting the client flow you’ve always dreamed of. Each individual is different. We all have different needs, expectations and goals. I will prove to you that my system will work to help you achieve success. We also have common goals: a steady stream of clients, great ratings and referrals.
Hi! My name is Biba Pedron and my clients call me “The Connection Queen”, because they were able to grow their business by 30% in less than 3 months simply using the strategies I have developed to maximize your networking results

I want to share all the steps I painstakingly learned in order to build and run my 6-figure business over the past few years. These are the very steps that will work whether you want to run an online or offline business. Imagine that you are a virtual assistant or social media expert and your job is to help entrepreneurs develop a business plan to attract more clients or communicate effectively on social media. Now imagine that you just can’t seem to get your own everyday tasks completed and your business is stumbling. How, as a person who is supposed to take care of other people’s businesses, could you expect others to trust you if you are not showing a good example and getting the results that you promise for others for your own business.

Maybe you are a coach or a consultant, but you don’t have a specific program or package to offer to your potential clients. If you have found yourself creating a new proposal or custom for each person, you are setting yourself back. A couple of years ago at a networking event, a coach approached me to offer me her services. She stated it would take her one day to prepare her proposal. I was wondering why she didn’t have various packages already set-up for her clients to choose. Plus her website was disorganized and unprofessional. She didn’t know what a squeeze page was and hadn’t implemented social media. I knew that I could probably teach her more than she could coach me. You need to invest in your business to get others to work with and invest in you.   May be you are an independent professional working hours for dollars. If you don’t change your business model you will burn yourself out in no time. To work less and make more money you need to strategically leverage your expertise while also creating products and programs.

interogationWhat’s holding you back? Maybe your capital is just not enough. You have the brains and the drive but you don’t have the cash to get the job done. You’re working really hard, but you just don’t know everything there is to know about marketing. You’re still learning the ropes. There maybe a lot of time and effort going out, but not a lot of clients or prospects coming in.

Do you know my story?

My Story from Paris to New YorkAs you may know I am originally from France, if you heard me speak you probably figured it out immediately. I am still trying to lose my accent, but it seams to stick with me, so I have to deal with it. Anyway, I have about 25 years experience in sales and marketing. In April 1998, I decided that if I was able to manage a business belonging to someone else I could do it for myself. I started my 1st telemarketing company to help small business owners who couldn’t afford to have a sales person in house. I was spending 6 to 7 hours a day on the phone, to set up appointments for my clients or promote their products or services. Most importantly I wanted this business to be able to be done from anywhere. I had always dreamed of moving to New York, ever since I was a little girl, and now I wanted to make that dream come true.

In just 2 years my first business grew so well that I had more clients than I could handle. I began to visit New York to test the market and see if American entrepreneurs would want to develop their businesses in France. I quickly realized that things were not working the way I expected and I would have to change direction or go back to France. That is when I discovered the wonderful world of networking of which I knew almost nothing, since it didn’t exist in France at the time.

I still remember the very first networking event that I attended in New York. I discovered the event on the Internet and signed-up. I arrived in a crowded bar, very noisy, took my name-tag, and looked around. I was so shy that I left in less than two minutes and said “Ok, this networking thing is definitely not for me.”

But I wouldn’t accept failure, and several weeks later, I decided to try it again, only to discover the same thing—a crowded bar, very noisy, and extremely difficult to meet people and conduct business. Again, I took my name-tag, except that I decided that I would not leave before I spoke with at least two people. Actually though, I cheated. I stayed in a corner with my glass and waited for someone to come over to speak with me.

Then, as I attended more and more events I set goals to speak with four people, then six people, then ten, etc. I didn’t really like those events in crowded, noisy bars. Plus at that time, I was not completely fluent in English, and, it was often difficult to understand what people were saying to me, especially with the noise. That was when I decided to start my own networking events—smaller, more intimate—where people would be able to have conversations and not have to shout at each other. They would have time to introduce themselves and their businesses and not merely exchange their business cards in three seconds and go to meet the next person.

A few years after I started my first business in Paris, I was ready to start my second one from scratch, in New York, and Biba4Network was born in 2003. I organized events in New York for 5 years before I moved to Miami 6 years ago.

Because I was meeting lots of people at events but not really getting any results I developed a system for myself to really understand the concept of networking to attract more clients and see my business get of the ground. Very quickly people saw how fast my business was growing and were asking me “Biba How do you do it, 2 years ago, you moved here, you barely speak English, you didn’t know anybody, now everybody know you, you wrote a book and you became The Connection Queen, what is your secret?”

I knew then that it was time to share my system. If it was working well for me there were no reasons that it wouldn’t work for others. Yet I had no experience networking and I wasn’t used to coaching. I had to get over my fears and change my mindset and realize that I could help entrepreneurs succeed with my system.

Soon I developed “Power of Networking Secrets“, a home study course designed to walk people through the ‘Secrets’ that most small business owners will never know about such as: How To Really Turn More Networking Contacts Into Business Boosting Clients In 7 Simple Steps and much more… A few years later I had to adapt myself to social media and how to use if effectively and again learn it, put it in a system and teach it to others. In between, I also became one of the Top Women in France recognized as successful coach in internet marketing.

That is why what it took me months and years to learn, I can show you all in only 90 days, so you won’t have to waste time and/or money to figure it out on your own. You can have your plan ready in no time and get the results you need and want.


90 days boosterThe 90 Day BoosterX

This amazing fast-track to success program is for those who are ready to take the extra steps to make their businesses thrive. If you want to double your client base and you have the drive to do what it takes, you are in the right place. During your coaching sessions, I will work with you one-on-one for two hours a month, during which I will show you how to set each goal and work on every assignment, complete with professional feedback and goal modification strategies to fit your business style, and keep on track towards your clients building goals. You will also receive an audio a week on a specific marketing strategy.

In my years of coaching I have found that this form goal setting is the most popular and yields the best results because you get a tailored action plan approach and you get the one-on-one support your business deserves.
If you are an independent go-getter who wants to take the steps to build up your business by strategically collaborating and brainstorming on the issues your business faces and learn how to take advantage of prime business situations, this is the program for you. This coaching style allows you a little extra support to reach your goals and make sure you’re getting all you can out of your business. This program is tailor-made to fit your busy schedule.

During these 90 day booster we will focus on practical assignments such as changing the timing of you daily activities, implementing proven resources to increase your business without increasing your work load and using additional marketing techniques to boost your business. The reason why this coaching program is a minimum of 90 days commitment is because it is the minimum time to learn effectively all the steps required to generate more clients and lower your work load. This is a huge commitment of time and effort to get your business in shape, so sign up only if you are truly serious about getting results.

You may be asking yourself, does this program work?

Yes, results have shown that by being committed to creating change in your business and having the resources necessary, such as time, energy and the right mindset, that this coaching program will help you to successfully grow your business. Granted, success doesn’t happen overnight. You will have to work hard along side your coach for 90 days or more and watch your beautiful business blossom.

My clients who have already taken the steps are raving about the results. They have more time, more money and more confidence. Best of all, they were excited that, through our direct efforts to amp up their businesses, they were able to cover their coaching costs in no time.


Biba is a savvy, seasoned professional who not only offers you tips in the art of networking, she has written the book. If global phenomenon enters your vocabulary, then contact Biba for the services she delivers. Biba offers techniques for implementation and achieving your goals that work in the new economy. In your quest for continuing success, I wholly recommend getting on board with Biba’s program Power of Networking Secrets” Eileen Burns, Broker, Miami , FL


“The Power of Networking Secrets program by Biba Pedron is comprehensive and thorough with actual action steps to put the program into motion. With everything from how to determine your target market to how to create a follow-up system leaving no stones unturned. And for those of us with tight schedules, Biba has highlighted how to maximize social networking. I’ve learned from Biba how to make the most out of LinkedIn in just a few minutes a day! “

Nishika Jones, Broker, Miami , FL


Biba’s program and Teamup4Succes Monthly Mastermind have kept me going, pushing me to move ahead in my business when things are quiet. I feel a surge of energy, after our sessions, obtaining new ideas and knowledge because of her guidance. I have learned all sorts of tricks of the trade to help me market myself. She has been a wonderful asset and I am grateful that she is my life.
Robbie Stillerman, Dolls Designer, NY


I recently purchased “Power of Networking Secrets”, after only one 1-hour one-on-one session with Biba, with her advises and strategies, I was able to completely refocus my business, offer three different programs to my clients to suit their needs, launch my monthly newsletter, start my membership and redo my web site to reflect my new strategies. Biba has been a joy to work with, and has helped me beyond my wildest expectations! I can’t wait for the second session.
Nancy Hoffmann, Graphic Designer, , NY


After my private session with you, I felt much more confident in how to approach networking for my business. The strategies and tactics presented during this program were EXCELLENT! I am very grateful for having contacted you about how to realize the power of networking and to bring about the financial results that I want. Thanks for your help to improve my networking results.
Laura Morales,, Texas


Before I met Biba, I was attending about every networking event and was not getting much results. So I decided to sign up for the “15 Ways to Maximize Your Networking Results” and then join Teamup4Success Mastermind, this has helped me tremendously. Biba is always their to answer my questions and offer any good advice. Thank you.
Jay Bennett,, Casselberry, Fl


Biba is amazing! Her insights and observations are right on target. During a recent teleclass she analyzed several websites, including mine; offering excellent ideas to enhance and retain traffic. In our first Mastermind Coaching session, she listened to my concerns and provided a completely different approach to my pricing options. As a result of her suggestions, I now provide special coaching packages within the categories Breakups or Divorce, to Recovery and Renewal, which are appropriate to a clients needs or budget. Thank you Biba for your wisdom, insights and expertise! I look forward to our future Mastermind Coaching sessions.
Cheryl Lazarus – Breakups, Divorce and Coaching,, New York


I have listened many teleclasses regarding marketing. I found Biba’s class “Top 7 MUST HAVES to Double Your Business by the End of the Year” to be precise, professional and to the point, yet with plenty of “necessary’ information.
The call is very relevant to the new business owner as well as anyone who has been in business for a while. Well done! Deborah Angiolina,, Miami


Thank you for taking the time (and extra time) to talk with me about promoting my business. You gave me some very valuable tools and tips, some which I have already implemented. For example, the black background of my website made the words too difficult to read. so even though I love that look, I switched to a template with a white background so my audience can see what I am saying.
I also love what you said about not trying to sell my services with networking opportunities. I am developing this business because I have become disenchanted with an industry that pushes people to “sell, sell, sell” and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t want to sell things to people, I want my expertise and skills to serve their needs.


I wanted to thank you for those three hours of live coaching which have made ​​a great leap forward in realizing my project. This really helped me to define my project and define an action plan -which is what I really needed to move forward and make my blog more effective. I also discovered how social media works and how to develop a career plan.

I now have an online blog and a page on Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter, and more importantly, I now know where I am and where to go. All this in just three hours! And thanks to your advice, I’ll also be able to develop my business in the U.S. with no worries. Without you, clearly, I would not even tried. Your help is really very valuable and powerful. Thank you again and see you next month in the next session of Teamup4Success Mastermind
Isabelle – France


Thank you so much, Biba Pedron, “The Connection Queen”! Following Biba’s coaching I was able to use a little trick for a great effect to position my branding. A “nickname” associated to my name makes me stand out and differentiate myself from my competitors.

Per Biba’s advice, I now introduce myself as “The French Physical Therapist” and added it on my business cards and elevator pitch. Even if people I am introduced to don’t remember my name, for sure they wont forget that I am French. Now when I go to networking, I hear constantly, “Oh yes, you are the French guy.” The French Physical Therapist has become my branding and my image. So grateful, Biba! ”Alain Mounoury,”The French Physical Therapist“, Aventura, FL


In this transformative, 90 day booster step-by-step training program

I will share with you EVERYTHING you need to know about leveraging the online and offline strategies to get new clients consistently to bang to your door – You will never have to chase clients ever again.

You will learn all the items below plus more:
*How to hone your target market and find out where to find the most people interested in your product with the least amount of work.
*The stellar introduction that will leave your listeners wanting to know more about you.
*How to become known as THE problem solver for your target market’s needs.
*How to build the right online persona to draw your market to you.
*How to discover and rehearse your own business success story that will make you shine.
*How to set up a simple squeeze page online that will serve as a point of process for your incoming leads.
*How to build an effective blog that will help you get your business up and running and clients flocking to you.
*How to build your list using effective time saving methods including autoresponders.
*How to interview experts and be interviewed to get the word out about you and your business.
*How to turn your emails into networking goldmines by using them to build your list, generate ideas for articles or blogs.
*What to offer as an irresistible tidbit to get clients and contacts to sign up to your list or follow your blog.
*How to generate real leads, not just people wanting freebies.
*How to utilize message boards, Facebook, Linkedin, online networking groups and more to reach out to your target market.
*How to create a great newsletter that will make you money.
*How to follow up with contacts in a way that will convert them to clients.
*How to be known as the credible expert in your field.
*How to use social media effectively ONLY 15 minutes a day
*How to use social media to create joint ventures.
*How to create your 1st book or ebook in not time.
*How to create products and programs from material you probably don’t even know you already have.
*How to filter the time wasters from the people who actually are ready to work with you.
*How to ensure a sale in a step-by-step process.
*How to create a great marketing plan.
*How to do all of this in just minutes a day, so you can spend more time working in your business not for your business.

Now how do you get this information?
How much time does it take?

I have created this amazing program to revamp your business:

1. Each month you will get 2 x 60-minute one-on-one session with me on the phone or skype. This is not a group session. You will meet just with me because that is what my clients love best: the personal support and attention devoted solely to your business. Value: $3600

2. The recording of each of our one-on-one session audio so you can listen to it to review the steps we’ve discussed for your business. Value: $600.

3. You will receive assignments to track your results and keep moving forward toward your goals. Value: $900

4. Unlimited email for quick questions in between sessions. Value: priceless

5. My personal resource guide. Over the years I spent tens of thousands of dollars on resources and tools, many of which turned out to be useless. Now you don’t have to do the same because I’ve sifted through all of the resources for you. I am sharing with you my personally approved rolodex of contacts, giving you inside access to the people, tools and resources that DO work, so you save time and money. Value: $1000

All of this represents a value of more than $6100.

This sounds FANSTASTIC and
exactly what I need right now, Biba.

But how much is this going to cost me?

Investing in yourself takes a big commitment of time and resources. You’ve probably already tried other programs or products that haven’t given you the results they’ve promised. Maybe you’ve even tried to take strategies from this or that program to create your own system that just hasn’t panned out. Now you’re at a point where you have to make a decision about whether to invest in another product or live with the way your business is going. I’ve been where you are right now and I want to make this easy for you, so I have created options that will work for you.

The investment for this program is ONLY $4000 for 90 days, or 3 installments of $1500. I know how powerful and transformative this program is.


Are You Ready To Take The Plunge And Become A Magnet To Your Clients?

Click Here NOW To Join the 90 Day Booster

yesBiba, I’m ready to step up to your new “90 Day Booster” created specifically for those who are ready to learn and apply more advanced marketing and online strategies so I can take my business to where I want it to go. And I want to start RIGHT NOW.

My purchase includes the following:

  • Each month you will 2 x60-minute one-on-one session with me. This is not a group session. You will meet just with me because that is what my clients love best: the personal support and attention devoted solely to your business. Value: $3600
  • The recording of all our one-on-one session so you can listen to it to review the steps we’ve discussed for your business. Value: $800.
  • You will receive assignmentto track your results and keep moving forward toward your goals. Value: $900
  • In between sessions enjoy unlimited email with me about anything related to your business. Value: priceless
  • My personal resource guide. Over the years I spent tens of thousands of dollars on resources and tools, many of which turned out to be useless. Now you don’t have to do the same because I’ve sifted through all of the resources for you. I am sharing with you my personally approved rolodex of contacts, giving you inside access to the people, tools and resources that DO work, so you save time and money. Value: $1000

Which Payment Option Would You Like?


Pay in Full $4000 (Best Deal) or Pay in 3 Installments of $1500